Specialty Monomers

The brand name BLEMMER® describes a range of esters produced by reacting methacrylic acid or acrylic acid with a variety of different alcohols. These esters are used as monomers in a wide variety of products, including paints, adhesives, improvers for resin and rubber, reactive emulsifiers, and binders. The BLEMMER® product range includes not only alkyl (meth)acrylates, but also functional monomers containing a hydroxyl group, glycidyl (meth)acrylates containing a glycidyl group, polyoxyalkylene glycol mono(meth)acrylates, and polyoxyalkylene glycol di(meth)acrylates, with the final product composition depending on the alcohol used in the esterification process. NOF also manufactures BLEMMER® copolymers.

BLEMMER® is used as a raw material of electronic components