Refreshing& Emollient Agent



Chemical structure of Wilbride S-753

Chemical structure

Characteristics & Properties
  • Synthetic Polyalkylene Glycol Ether of vegetable Glycerin.
  • Transparent liquid, colorless.
  • Moisturizes and protects without greasy or sticky feel.
  • High skin affinity and significant reduction of friction coefficient
  • Soluble in polar oils as well as in water (HLB~13)
  • Makes it possible to prepare Micro emulsion by cold process.

Solubility of WILBRIDE™ S-753

Moisturizing effect
Instrument SKICON 200 (I.B.S Co., Ltd.)
  1. WILBRIDE S-753 5%aq. + Glycerin 5%aq.
  2. WILBRIDE S-753 10%aq.
  3. Glycerin 10%aq.
  4. PEG 600 10%aq.
Measurement After washing inner upper arm by soap,
spread samples (20μL) and measured.

Moisturizing effect of WILBRIDE™ S-753

Discussion WILBRIDE S-753 provides high moisturizing effect, equal to glycerin and synergistic effect by using with glycerin.
Co-Surfactant for Water base formulation

Co-Surfactant for Water base formulation

Discussion WILBRIDE S-753 makes it possible to prepare clear water-based solution with less amount of solubilizer, due to its “Co-Solubilizer” ability.
Co-Surfactant for HCME

HCME: High Concentrated Micro Emulsion

Co-Surfactant for HCME

Formulation of Point C

Discussion WILBRIDE S-753 makes it possible to prepare HCME with 30% of oil component, and prepare HCME by cold process, no heating, only stirring.
  • Lotion
moisturizer, emollient co-solubilizer for fragrances and essential oils
  • Splash
soluble in alcohol keeps mildness for skin after drying
  • Cleanser
makes easier to wash off and gives moisturizing effect after washing off
  • Skin care
high moisturizing effect with out sticky feel
Formulation1 Lotion

Formulation1 Lotion

Formulation2 Clear Condensed Emulsion (HCME type)

Formulation2 Clear Condensed Emulsion (HCME type)

Cleansing Ability of Foemulation2
Cleansing test
  1. Put lipstick on the medial side of the forearm& (2.5cm diameter)
  2. 50mg of each sample is dropped, then stands for 10 seconds, and washes off with water.
Cleansing Ability of Foemulation2
Discussion New type cleansing “Clear Condensed Emulsion” provides good cleansing ability, compared to commercial types.

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