Cosmetic Ingredients

NOF Corporation has a long history in producing raw materials for cosmetic industry from fundamental ingredients such as fatty acids to high functional materials such as phosphorylcholine based polymers called LIPIDURE®, high purity polymer oil called PARLEAM®, ceramide like polymers called CERACUTE®, and unique Polyethyleneglycol(PEG) or Polybutyleneglycol (PBG) derivatives for moisturizer. Our synthetic cosmetic ingredients are produced by our fine synthetic and purification techniques.

NOF also provides Plant extracts for natural cosmetics. Our plant extracts have 2 strong features. The 1st is that the plants grew in rich natural environments in Japan. As the 2nd point, we have positive experimental data as cosmetic ingredients such as anti-aging effect, whitening effect, anti-inflammatory effect, moisturizing effect, and so on .

We will keep challenging to develop raw materials with expanding our technique to meet rapid changing market requirement.

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