Biocompatible Coating Polymers

Biocompatible coating polymer suppresses cell and protein adsorption on the surface.

Lipidure®-CM coated surface is covered with phosphorylcholine units. Any cells and proteins do not adhere to the surface. Lipidure® can be coated on plastics such as PET, PMMA, PS (PSt), PU, PC, PE, and PP, glass, ceramics, and metals such as SUS, titanium, and gold.

Chemical structure

Chemical structure of Lipidure-CM

Coating Method

Coating Method of Lipidure^CM

Available substrate

Lipidure-CM5206 can be coated on the following materials


・Suppression of protein adsorption


1. Prepare well plate coated with Lipidure®-CM5206
2. Add HRP-IgG conjugate solution into each well
3. Incubate for 1 hr at 25 ºC
4. Rinse three times with 0.05 % Tween20/Dulbeco’s PBS
5. Add of 3,3’,5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine solution into each well
6. Measure absorbance at 450 nm

・Suppression of cell adsorption


1. Prepare well plate coated with Lipidure®-CM5206
2. Seed macrophage in well plate at 3.3x105 cells/well
3. Incubate for 1 hr at 37 ºC in 5% CO2 atmosphere
4. Rinse off with Dulbeco’s PBS
5. Fix with glutaraldehyde and Observation by SEM



1. Prepare artificial vascular coated with Lipidure®-CM5206
2. Rabbit blood was flowed in Lipidure®-CM5206 treated artificial vascular
3. Rinse artificial vascular with buffer solution
4. Take photo of inside of artificial vascular