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Nano particle

Nano particle

Nanoparticle is an indispensable technology for the development of various high-tech materials such as the DDS prescription, the contrast medium, the diagnostic products, and bio-sensors. NOF supplies various DDS materials for such nanoparticles.

  • Liposome Formulation/Polymer micelle formulation
  • Metal (such as Au) nanoparticle / Carbon or Other nano-tube

For Liposome

NOF supplies high-purity phospholipids and phospholipid derivatives for liposome or Polymer micelle formulation. Using state-of-the-art synthesis and purification technology, we have developed various kinds and grades of products. Bulk phospholipids are produced in facility under cGMP control and have been supplied worldwide commercially approved liposomal drugs for many years with good reputation.

For Nucleotide delivery

Nucleotide delivery (siRNA, miRNA, and Gene) with cationic lipid is researched in many companies to develop the gene therapy. NOF has various lipid derivatives these are appropriate for the Lipoplex prescription. NOF accepts custom synthesis for such lipids. Please feel free to contact us.

For Surface modification

Surface modification of nanopeaticles (metal, carbon nanotube and polymer micelles) with PEG are actively developed to give hydration layer and targeting ability to drugs and diagnostic agents. NOF has activated PEGs and lipids derivatives as surface modification regent for these nanoparticles.