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NOF produces Solubilization Kits for hydrophobic drugs using our various Drug Delivery System (DDS) technologies. The procedures for the use of these kits are very simple, facilitating your screening of new chemical entities at early test stages.

Hydrophobic Solbilization Methods

< Preparation >

The following instructions are for preparation of 5 vials of the test solution simultaneously.

(1) Weigh drugs into test tube or cuvette according to the desired concentration in the final solution. If you wish to make 1mg/mL of the final solution, weigh 12 mg of the drug, add 3mL of ethanol (select other solvent when drug is not soluble in ethanol) into the test tube, and then dissolve completely by gentle shaking.

(2 )Pipette out 500μL of the drug solution, and transfer the solution into each vial of PUREBRIGHT SL Kit respectively.

(3) Dissolve completely by shaking. Warm the vial to 50°C* to obtain a clear solution.

(4) Evaporate the solvent from the vial according to one of the following methods

a) Place the vial into vacuum chamber previously warmed to 50°C*, then evaporate the solvent under vacuum.

b) Evaporate the solvent by a N2 gas stream at 50°C* over vials placed in a warm bath. Exercise caution in handling to avoid fires or accidents caused by volatile solvent.

(5) Add 2mL of deionized water into the vial, and the dissolve completely with shaking.

Add 1.8mL of deionized water in case of using PUREBRIGHT SL-411.

Drug in aqueous solution (e.g., 1mg/ml) is now ready.

Remarks: *Temperature may be changed depending upon the drug stability.