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NOF produces top-quality Polyethylene Glycols containing only with extremely low levels of EG (ethylene glycols) and DEG (diethylene glycols), whereby our Polyethylene Glycols can be specifically used as pharmaceutical excipients. From the toxicological perspective, EP has stipulated that the upper limits of EG and DEG should not exceed 4000 ppm, while the USP stipulates that the upper limits of EG and DEG should not exceed 2500 ppm. NOF can guarantee much lower levels of EG and DEG than those stipulated by both EP and USP. In addition, we pride ourselves in the fact that our Polyethylene Glycols contain extremely low levels of impurities, including ethylene oxides, dioxane, peroxides and aldehyde derivatives. NOF can supply high-quality PEG 200, 300 and 400, all of which would meet the specifications of EP, USP, JP and JPE.
Concerning this product, NOF has officially registered its product patent in the United States of America.
Patent No. : US6620976

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