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11. Biodegradable Block Polymer


High-quality biodegradable block copolymers for Drug Delivery System applications.

NOF provides high-quality biodegradable block copolymers for Drug Delivery System applications (polymer micelles, polymersomes, chemical modification of drugs, etc.), and biodegradable medical device applications (cell adhesion, and surface coating, hydrogels, etc.). Our high-purity biodegradable block polymers are characterized with low impurity contents and narrow molecular weight distributions ( Polydispersity index: below 1.1 ).

NOF Biodegradable block polymer

We have developed a polymerization process of biodegradable block polymers combined with high-purity PEG derivatives. We are capable of controlling each molecular weight (MW) of PEG unit and biodegradable polymer unit without using any metal catalysts. We provide the repeatability of research by supplying high-purity reagents with batch-to-batch consistency.

We also offer customized block polymer such as different molecular weight combinations between PEG unit and biodegradable polymer, modify endcap group (functional group), and multi-arm structure of PEG unit. Please contact us for more information about the customized block polymer.


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