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Speciality Polymers


MODIPER™ A, C series is an innovative type graft copolymer, consisting of polyolefin as a main-chain and polyvinyl as a branch polymer, which is exclusively manufactured by NOF CORPORATION utilizing NOF’s developed grafting technology. MODIPER™ A, C series can improve the mechanical property, surface property, compatibility and other properties of thermoplastic resins.

NOF®-ALLOY KA series is a novel type scratch proof improver which is exclusively manufactued by NOF CORPORATION based on unique NOF radical grafting technology. NOF®-ALLOY KA series is especially designed for Polyolefins (PP, EVA, PE, etc), Thermoplastic Olefin Elastomers (TPO) and Thermoplastic Styrene Elastomers (TPS) drastically promotes its scratch proof property without any negative effect on surface, mechanical and thermal properties and moldability.

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MODIPER™ A, C series

NOF®-ALLOY™ KA series