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MODIPER® S series

MODIPER® S series, functional polymer additives with anti-shrinkage property

MODIPER® S series is a styrene-vinyl acetate block copolymer developed by NOF from a unique polymeric peroxide. This series includes MODIPER® MS10B, a methyl methacrylate-styrene block copolymer. MODIPER® S series is an excellent anti shrinkage agent for unsaturated polyester (UP) resins. Especially, MODIPER® S series is effective as shrinkage inhibitor for non shrink room temperature molding and resin concrete such as SMC/BMC molding, pultrusion molding, hand layup, and spray up . MODIPER® S series is also useful as a compatibility agent for UP resins which is a anti shrinkage agent of PS and SBS .

Line up and properties of MODIPER® S series

Product name
CAS No.CharacteristicsApplicable
molding methods
1.879509-24-3Standard gradeSMC·BMC,
Pultrusion molding,
Hand lay up,
Spray up,
Resin concrete
3.884888-24-4Acid denaturized gradeSMC·BMC
2.379509-24-3Standard gradeSMC·BMC
4.5110037-75-7Low viscosity,
denaturized grade
Pultrusion molding,
Hand lay up,
Spray up,
Resin concrete
2.0106911-77-7Improves machining propertiesHand lay up,
Spray up,
Resin concrete

*1 PVAc: poly vinyl acetate, PS: polystyrene, PMMA: Polymethyl methacrylate, aPS: acid denaturized polystyrene, mPVAc: modified poly vinyl acetate

*2 Solid content 30wt% styrene solution viscosity (at 25ºC)

Applications examples of MODIPER® S series

  • SMC: Bathtubs, waterproof pans, water tank panels, septic tanks, etc.
  • Hand lay up, spray lay up: pipe joints, FRP molds, etc.
  • BMC: Breaker boxes, all types of housing, parabola antenna, etc.
  • Resin concrete: Bathroom wall paneling, artificial marble, etc.
  • Pultrusion molding: Septic tanks reinforcement rings, etc.

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