MODIPER® H series

MODIPER® H series, hard coating materials with anti-fog property

MODIPER® H series is a hard coating polymer which can provide anti-fog property.

・Excellent anti-fog property and abrasion resistance
・Excellent age resistance of anti-fog property and durability
・Two types (UV curing and thermal curing)

Mechanism of anti-fog coatings

Tiny water droplets are cause of fogging of transparent materials such as glass. After anti-fog coating with MODIPER® H, since coating film absorbs water droplets, fogging is prevented.

Mechanism of anti-fog property of MODIPER H

Effects of anti-fog coatings

MODIPER® H series has not only anti-fog property but also abrasion resistance.

Effect of anti-fog property of MODIPER H

Application examples of anti-fog coatings for Car

Following pictures are only a few example applications of MODIPER® H series. MODIPER® H series can be coated various materials, especially transparent substances, to prevent foggy or scratch.

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Applications of MODIPER H

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