Line up of Diagnostic Reagents

Line up of diagnostic reagent, Biolipidure

Polymer type Biolipidure® series

The table below shows basic functions of Biolipidure® as additives for diagnostic reagents.The Biolipidure® series has great variety of polymers having different physical properties, which is derived from rich variation of secondary monomers copolymerized with MPC.

Polymer type Biolipidure

Biolipidure®-Side chain propertyBlocking effectStabilizing effectSensitizing effectImprovement of reproducibility and accuracySolubilizing effect
100 seriesHydrophilic
200 seriesHydrophobic
400 seriesAnion
500 seriesCation
700 seriesHydrogen bond
800 seriesHydrophilic
1000 seriesHydrophobic
1200 seriesHydrophobic
1300 seriesHydrophobic

Surfactant type Lipidure®-SF series

The LIPIDURE®-SF series is a low molecule additive for diagnostic reagents.

Product nameCMC [wt%]Form
LIPIDURE®-SF080.15 wt% aqueous solution

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