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Empty Liposomes (COATSOME® EL Series)

In general, preparat ion of l iposomal drugs requires adjustments of the liposomal composition and also control of the particle size and encapsulation efficiency, which make researchers usually reluctant to formulate liposomal drugs. NOF has successfully overcome these problems by developing unique experimental kits for the investigation of liposomal drug delivery systems (DDS). Freeze-dried ready-to-use liposome powder, called Empty Liposomes, filled in vials is composed of several kinds of phospholipids and electrolytes. When a drug solution is poured into a vial and gently shaken, the drug is easily encapsulated in the l iposomes. Empty Liposomes have a special advantage in that even drugs such as the anthracyclines and aminoglycosides can be efficiently encapsulated.