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9. Degradable PEGs

NOF has developed novel degradable PEGs that have enzyme cleavable peptide linkers.

Degradable PEGs have the same blood circulation time as non-degradable PEGs and are removed from the body faster than non-degradable PEGs, because they are cleaved to lower molecular weight PEG in cell.

  1. 9-1. Linear Type (SUNBRIGHT® LP4 series)
  2. 9-2. Branched Type

Degradation test in vitro

Degradability tableGPC Chromatograms for Degradable PEG

Degradable PEGs in cells were completely degraded by intracellular enzymes. 

Additionally, degradable PEGs were stable in the serum as same as non-degradable PEGs.

Pharmacokinetic test in vivoThe concentration of PEGs in blood and The concentration of PEGs in waste

(A)Degradable PEG has the same blood circulation time as non-degradable mPEG(40kDa).

(B)Degradable PEG was removed from the body faster than non-degradable mPEG(40kDa), because it was cleaved from 40kDa to 20kDa in cell.

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