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Water and oil repellency

Water and oil repellency



MODIPER® F606 is an innovative type block copolymer, which contains "Fluorinated segment" as functional segment, which is exclusively manufactured by NOF CORPORATION utilizing NOF’s developed block copolymer technology.

MODIPER® F series contain neither PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) nor PFOS (Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid) defined as one of environmental concern materials.

MODIPER® F606 can improve water and oil repellency properties of cloth. Since MODIPER® F606 has ability to resist dirt and oil accumulation on fabric and plastics, it is useful for anti stain chemical of cloth.

Water and oil repellency test

Anti stain on fabric with MODIPER® F606

Result of water and oil repellency test with MODIPER® F606

Unmodifiedwholly wet on both facespermeation by Nujol
Modified with MODIPER® F606no wet, no water drop on surfaceno permeation against n-dodecane

Evaluation methods:
water repellency: JIS L 1092
Oil repellency: AATCC

Solvent: MEK
Coating method: Dipping
Processing cloth: Polyester
Drying condition: 23℃×24h


  • MODIPER® F606 can be used to improve water and oil repellency properties of housing appliances, such as bathtubs and floors, washbasins, kitchen counters, light covers
  • it can also be added to ink to improve water and repellency of packaging materials and for plastics bottles (films)
  • Target materials: coating, adhesive, textile, film, clothes, leather, etc

Water and oil repellency

MODIPER® F series


Product type: Block Copolymer
Chemical structure: Acrylic copolymer-block-Fluorinated copolymer
Appearance: White powder
Package size: 15kg in carton box