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NOF Group continues to expand our business into the leading-edge areas of the time, provide new value in business domains "From the Biosphere to Outer Space" that are unconventional for chemical manufacturers, and contribute to society from a wide range of perspectives. Our current business includes oleo & speciality chemicals, functional chemicals & polymers, explosives & propulsion systems, functional foods, life science products, DDS development, anti-corrosion coatings, and more. The unique technologies used in each field are highly evaluated and trusted in various industrial and lifestyle sectors.

NOF Group Company Profile

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Ebisu 4-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6019, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5424-6741 | Fax: +81-3-5424-6769

Business overviews

NOF EUROPE GmbH, a member of NOF Group,
mainly imports products of

  • Oleo & Speciality chemical Div
  • Functional Chemicals & Polymers Div
  • Drug Delivery System (DDS) Development Div
  • and Life Science Products Div

from NOF Japan.

Oleo & Speciality chemical Div.

Since the birth of our oleochemical business in 1910, we have been leading the industry as the pioneer in the field of oleochemistry.

Today, we are developing not only oleochemical products such as fatty acids, their derivatives, and surfactants but also various types of functional petrochemical products using alkylene oxide derivatives and (meth)acrylic acid esters as bases, and introducing them to growth areas experiencing rapid technical innovation including resources, the environment, energy, electronics, information, and healthcare.

Oils and fats are both new and old materials. We will continue to explore the possibilities these materials offer, apply our decades of unique expertise to develop highly functional, high value-added products in many areas of oleochemistry and petrochemistry, and develop businesses with a strong presence in leading-edge growth areas.

Functional Chemicals & Polymers Div.

Our functional chemicals & polymers business originally began in 1957 as a producer of organic peroxides. Since then, we have been steadily expanding our operations, and currently organic peroxides, functional polymers, petrochemicals, electronics and information technology products serve as the four pillars of our wide-ranging business operations. 

In the organic peroxides business, we proactively develop products and cultivate new product applications. The functional polymer business focuses on applying a group of highly functional polymer products generated from innovative ideas for various purposes, and the petrochemical business is contributing extensively to the growth of related industries.   

Moving forward, we will continue to focus on creating cutting-edge materials to support next-generation technologies, and cultivate new fields of chemistry while building our ability to develop new products. 

DDS Development Div.

In the pharmaceutical industry, many drugs have been commercialized with a Drug Delivery System (DDS), which maximizes their therapeutic effects.

A DDS enhances the effect of a drug by modulating its physiological activity, side effects, pharmacokinetics, chemical stability, and metabolic activity, etc., to make the required amount of drug act for the necessary duration in the body.

The effectiveness of this technique has been noticed for its ability to treat various types of diseases. We have supplied creative pharmaceutical materials to the DDS field under our GMP-compliant high-level quality control system.

Such materials include polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivatives, single molecular weight PEGs, nucleic acid and gene delivery lipids, PEG lipids, and high purity polysorbates - all developed using our proprietary molecule design, synthesis, and purification techniques.

We will continue to supply high-quality novel materials globally to help advance the field of DDS.

Life Science Products Div.

We have successfully developed the manufacturing process for LIPIDURE® on a commercial scale. LIPIDURE® is polymer composed of MPC (2-methacryloyloxyethylphosphorylcholine) which has the same structure as the phospholipid polar groups. This success allowed us to establish Life Science Products Division and we have been actively marketing LIPIDURE® as a biocompatible material.

Our business covers a wide range of areas such as eye care, skin care, oral care, medical devices and diagnostics. All these products are highly rated by our customers.

We utilize our technology in molecular design, purification and evaluation to improve product development and cultivate new applications.

We will utilize our unique technology to create innovative value and contribute to improving quality of life (QOL).


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