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Contact lens solution ingredient

Lipidure for Contact Lens

LIPIDURE® is useful for contact lens solution ingredient preventing deformation, staining and bacterial adhesion on contact lenses.

LIPIDURE®, bio-compatible material, is useful for raw material of soft contact lenses The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the lenses made from LIPIDURE® for those who feel discomfort from dryness using conventional contact lenses. LIPIDURE® is also used for contact lens solution (packing solution) and provides excellent dry out resistance, anti staining property, and prevention of bacterial adhesion.

For dry out resistance

LIPIDURE® contact lens packing solution suppresses the deformation of soft contact lenses due to dehydration.

The top figure above shows the deformation of a soft contact lens placed on a circular ring. There was no significant difference in the lenses after 0 and 5 minutes, but the lens without LIPIDURE® contact lens solution was largely deformed after 15 minutes. The lens with LIPIDURE® contact lens solution started to deform after 15 minutes and was deformed after 20 minutes.

For anti staining property (lipid staining)

LIPIDURE® contact lens packing solution suppresses lipid stains on soft contact lenses

Anti staining property of LIPIDURE

For suppression of bacterial adhesion

Prevention of bacterial adhesion of soft contact lenses packed in LIPIDURE® contact lens solution