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Specialty Polymers

Specialty Polymers

Additives for surface modification, mechanical property improvement and compatibilizer of resins

NOF has developed a range of graft copolymers and block copolymers based on special organic peroxides, marketed as the MODIPER® series. This series is widely used for the surface modification of resins and as a compatibilizer for polymer alloys, winning acclaim in the field of synthetic resin modification. Leveraging its unique technology, NOF has also developed the NOFALLOY® series of high-performance thermoplastic elastomers.

Specialty polymer additives MODIPER® series Line up

  • MODIPER® A, C series is an innovative type graft copolymer, consisting of polyolefin as a main-chain and polyvinyl as a branch polymer, which is exclusively manufactured by NOF CORPORATION utilizing NOF’s developed grafting technology. MODIPER™ A, C series can improve the mechanical property, surface property, compatibility and other properties of thermoplastic resins.

Performance of MODIPER® A, C series

  • MODIPER® AS series is a graft-copolymer which improves tribological property (reduction of squeak noise, reduction of abrasion loss, and lowering coefficient of kinetic friction) adding into thermoplastic resins such as Polyacetal (POM), Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS),Polycarbonate-ABS alloy (PC/ABS), or Polyamide (PA)
  • MODIPER® S series is a styrene-vinyl acetate block copolymer.
  • MODIPER® F, FS series is a group of novel type fluoric(F SERIES)/siliconic(FS SERIES) block copolymers.
  • MODIPER® H series is a anti-fogging agent consists of functional polymers.
  • NOF®-ALLOY KA series is a novel type scratch proof improver which is exclusively manufactued by NOF CORPORATION based on unique NOF radical grafting technology. NOF®-ALLOY KA series is especially designed for Polyolefins (PP, EVA, PE, etc), Thermoplastic Olefin Elastomers (TPO) and Thermoplastic Styrene Elastomers (TPS) drastically promotes its scratch proof property without any negative effect on surface, mechanical and thermal properties and moldability.