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Adhesion control

Adhesion control



MODIPER® FS700 is an innovative type block copolymer, which contains "Silicone segment" as functional segment, which is exclusively manufactured by NOF CORPORATION utilizing NOF’s developed block copolymer technology.

MODIPER® F series contain neither PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) nor PFOS (Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid) defined as one of environmental concern materials.

It can improve tack strength control property by the addition 1 – 3 % and does not affect the stability and thermal properties of base coating.

Peel test of adhesive compound with MODIPER® FS700

By adding MODIPER® FS700 into acrylic coating material, it can control the adhesion with lower migration of silicone-related substance to adhesive surface than conventional silicone oil.

Evaluation method:
Base film: PET | Thickness of adhesive: 7μm | Take-up rate: 200mm/min

Mechanism of MODIPER® FS700 in acrylic coating material

The acrylic segment in MODIPER® FS700 can improve as the anchor for base acrylic coating and it can prevent from transferring the silicone-related material the the adhesive surface.


  • The adhesion control property of MODIPER® FS700 can be used for industrial material like tape and labels or for films for screens or circuit boards

Adhesion control

MODIPER® FS series


Product type: Block Copolymer
Chemical structure: Acrylic copolymer-block-Silicone copolymer
Appearance: White powder
Package size: 5kg in carton box