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Activated PEG for PEGylation

Activated PEG for PEGylation

NOF has a long reputation for producing high-quality Activated PEGs (the SUNBRIGHT® Series) and high-quality single molecule PEGs (the PUREBRIGHT® Series) that possess the most suitable properties for preparation of physiologically active drugs and biologics. Our SUNBRIGHT® Series and PUREBRIGHT® Series are characterized as extremely high-purity PEGs with a variety of functional groups. The products of this series are internationally recognized as optimal PEGylation drugs.


As illustrated in this figure, application of Activated PEGs with various functional groups enables introduction of PEG chains into drugs, enzymes, phospholipids and other biologics. Covalent conjugation of hydrophobic macromolecules with Activated PEGs leads to the formation of macromolecular micelles (Polymer Micelles), which allow homogeneous dispersion of hydrophobic drugs in aqueous media. Furthermore, when PEGylated lipids are used as Liposomes or Lipid Nanoparticles, the aqueous corona adds stability for homogeneous dispersal of the LNP drug preparations encapsulating drugs within them.

Currently, single molecule PEGs -the PUREBRIGHT® Series are used in Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) drugs as a linker to increase their hydrophilicity.

PEGylation plays an important role in the stabilization of drugs increased circulation time, reduction of their antigenicity and decrease in drug dosage, besides augmenting the targeting ability via binding biologics onto their surfaces.

High-Purity mPEG-OH: Starting Material for Activated PEGs

NOF manufactures high-purity methoxy-PEG-OH characterized by absence of contaminating impurities and narrow molecular weight distributions. These highly pure methoxy-PEG-OH have so far been used for various commercial PEGylated drugs, such as PEG-Interferon and PEG-GCSF.


NOF CORPORATION is the sole worldwide patent holder of these high-purity mPEG-OH and all their derivatives. (Patent No.: JP3050228, US6455639, KR0358276)

Our methoxy-PEG-OH has the advantage of extremely low diol contents relative to those of competitors’ products. As shown in the following graphs, our methoxy-PEG-5000 contains remarkably low levels of diol as impurities, besides providing a narrower distribution of molecular weights in comparison with our competitors’ products. Employment of our methoxy-PEG-OH as the starting materials yields higher purity and higher activity of Activated PEGs. We manufacture highly pure methoxy-PEGs with molecular weights from 2kDa to 80kDa.


About PEGylation

PEGylation technology is applied for biologics modifications including cytokines, therapeutic antibody fragments, interleukins, hormones, oligonucleotides and other proteins and peptides.

PEGylation can be effective for:

  • Improving Bioavailability
  • Prolonging Blood Circulation
  • Maximizing Pharmacokinetics
  • Low-profile Immunogenicit

NOF provides high-performance activated PEGs for PEGylated drugs from early development stage to commercial use with over 20 years of experience of manufacturing high-quality methoxy polyethylene glycol. As the starting material for activated PEGs for pharmaceuticals, our activated PEGs have a narrow polydispersity and low diol content with wide range of molecular weights, from 2kDa to 80kDa.

PEGylation Service

Please feel free to contact us if you need PEGylated drugs using NOF Activated PEGs, SUNBRIGHT® Series.

Application Chart for PEG Derivatives

We supply different series of PEG derivatives with various versatile functional groups.