NOF EUROPE GmbH distributes chemicals for DDS, polymer, and life science into the EU market.

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NOF EUROPE GmbH distributes chemical products of NOF CORPORATION in Japan. NOF CORPORATION produces wide range of products such as oleo-chemicals, surfactants, polyoxyalkylene-based compounds, acrylic acid derivatives, organic peroxides, functional polymers, biocompatible materials,drug delivery system (DDS) products, explosives, functional foods, and so on. Especially, NOF EUROPE GmbH focuses on distributing DDS products, speciality chemicals, and life science products to the European market.

Our main DDS products are activated PEGs, phospholipids, and polysorbate.

As for Specialty chemicals, we have polymer additives for surface modification, mechanical property improvement and compatibilizer of resins. We also have acrylate or methacrylate monomers, dispersant for electronics, and concrete additives.

Cosmetics ingredients, eye care ingredients, oral care ingredients, diagnostic additives, and biocompatible coatings are our unique life science products.