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About us


NOF EUROPE GmbH is a subsidiary of NOF CORPORATION in Japan and distributes its products to European market. NOF EUROPE GmbH was established in 2015, locates in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We focus on distribute here in European market for Drug Delivery Products (Activated PEG for PEGylation, Lipids and High-purity Polysorbate), Specialty Chemicals (Specialty monomers and polymers, materials for electronics) and Life Science Products (Biocompatible materials, Cosmetics Ingredients, ingredients for oral and eye care and additives for Diagnostics). The most important mission of NOF EUROPE GmbH is improving customer satisfaction. We provide excellent performance of logistics and solution of customer’s problem.

NOF EUROPE GmbH is a member of NOF Group which is contributing to society by generating new value in wide range fields “From the Biosphere to Outer Space”. NOF Group is engaging in multifaceted business developments with unique and sophisticated products.

Our products

DDS, Specialty Chemicals, Life Science

  • DDS products: Activated PEGs, phospholipids and lipids for DDS, PEGs for hydrogel, high purity polysorbate
  • Specialty Chemicals: Acrylate or methacrylate monomers, oleo-chemicals, surfactants, polyoxyalkylene-based compounds, organic peroxides, anti-fogging agents, squeak noise reduction agents, antifouling agents.
  • Life Science products: Cosmetic ingredients, eye care ingredients, oral care ingredients, diagnostics additives, and biocompatible coating materials.


Contact us

Feel free to contact us without obligation for a personal consultation. Our team will support you with price information and product information.