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Biocompatible Coating materials

Biocompatible Coating Materials

for Medical Devices

NOF supplies reactive phosphorylcholine monomers such as 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (Lipidure-PC) and these polymers (Lipidure-CM5206 etc.). Since the surface coated with the polymers with phosphorylcholine group protects blood clotting effectively, these monomers are useful for coating of medical devices.

Medical device coatings which protect blood clotting


Medical devices have been used for improvement of the quality of life of human suffering form disabilities. The devices play as diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, and treatment of various diseases and illnesses. The surface of devices should be biocompatible, as it contacts human bloods, tissues and organs. A lot of surface modifications have been applied for medical devices, however those have both merits and demerits.
NOF has supplied 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (Lipidure-PC) and its polymers (Lipidure-CM5206). The polymers can inhibit surface-induced clot formation effectively, even when they contact with blood in the absence of anticoagulant. Moreover, Lipidure-PC and Lipidure-CM5206 would be applied to every bioengineering field.

Device Master File of the medical device coatings

NOF is pleased to announce that a Device Master File has been submitted to the FDA for Lipidure-CM5206. The Lipidure-CM5206 Master File contains important confidential information regarding the composition and manufacturing information needed as part of a medical device submission to the FDA.